Luttrell Guitars is owned and operated by Ralph Luttrell. Ralph began playing the guitar at age 12 and has never quit. From the 1970’s until today he has played with many of the best local bands in Atlanta. As a musician, Ralph began repairing his own instruments and eventually attended an instrument repair school and worked for Echeveria Guitars for several years. His first shop was a small outbuilding in his back yard. He quickly outgrew his back yard shop and is now located in Roswell, Georgia. Ralph has over 30 years’ experience in building and repairing guitars. Ralph builds custom handcrafted guitars and resonators. He also has the experience to repair instruments whether they have been damaged or just need some adjustments to play better. His background as a musician helps him understand what players want in the sound quality, appearance and other design features of a guitar. Whether you are looking for a custom-built guitar or major renovation of a vintage instrument Ralph has the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job.


Custom Built Guitars
Luttrell Guitars is currently building two styles of guitars – a ladder braced guitar (Ex: The Gambler) and a resonator. The resonators are built with the best quality cone. No matter which style of guitar interests you, the choice of woods, production techniques, and finish will affect the sound of the instrument. Luttrell Guitars has a wide selection of woods with different tonal qualities, including rosewood, maple, spruce and koa. In addition to the different tonal qualities of the woods, many also have unique configurations that enhance the beauty of the guitar. All guitars are finished in nitro cellulose. If you are interested in a hand crafted instrument, Ralph will be glad to discuss design and wood
options with you.

Whether you need a set up for a new guitar or have a vintage instrument in need of repairs, Luttrell Guitars can help. Frequently, some small adjustments will make a guitar easier to play, eliminate buzzing, or improve the sound. These repairs can usually be accomplished within a few days. For guitars that have been damaged or need an overhaul, longer time is needed. These projects include neck resets, re-fretting the neck, replacing the binding and finish repairs. A cost estimate will be provided prior to commencement of any repair work.