Gambler Custom Guitar

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Luttrell's Gambler Series Custom Guitar

These are ultra high quality replicas of the best 1920s OS Stella or Sovereign grand concert sized acoustic guitars. We only improve some of the features such as a slight radius fretboard, ultra light weight carbon fiber neck support rod, higher quality tuning machines, super high grade woods, hand made tolerances with carefully braced top and back, better neck angles and other features that produce consistently amazing ladder braced tone for blues finger picking, ragtime, slide guitar styles. These guitars honk like the best Stella you ever laid your hands on with much more long term reliability and trouble free operation. Light and balanced, loud and durable.

PRICE: 2500US with 1K deposit and 4-7 month delivery unless one is in stock. This is an incredible deal on an all hand made solid wood boutique instrument.

BASE PRICE includes nice case, tuners, basic mahogany body, spruce top. All mahogany model, black, and historic sunburst are extra upgrades. Contact for detailed consultation.

100% GUARANTEE and warranty. We also offer a trial period on all orders.

SUMMARY OF SPECS 14.25" wide lower bout, approx 4" deep, 25.25" scale, 1-7/8" wide nut standard, slight hint of V but comfortable medium neck profile, all solid woods, carbon fiber truss rod or standard steel adjustable optional. Slotted peg head, bound sound hole, dovetail neck, 2-5/16" saddle, pyramid bridge, drop in bone saddle, unslotted bridge pins and bone nut. Good 3-plate tuning machines and very solid TKL or equivalent hard case.

Gambler Guitar & Resonator Reviews From Acoustic Guitar Forum:

A good friend has one of Ralph's resonators and it is one of the finest I've ever heard. As for "The Gambler", I believe this was designed with input from Doug Jones (a.k.a. Little Brother). That being said, The Gambler will likely be a well thought out, finely crafted instrument. Little Brother is a friend of mine (He actually gave me the nickname Thin Crust), and nothing he has anything to do with is done half way. Couple that with what I've seen of Luttrell guitars, and it's bound to be a winning combination.

I have though seen a video demonstration of one, and have some information. Pretty cool guitar. These were co-designed by Ralph Luttrell and Doug "Little Brother" Jones, who is close friends with Ralph.

The Gambler is based on an early original Stella that Doug owns, though it's not an exact replica. More of an updated take on the original, though as I understand it, with lots of old time blues mojo, but a much more versatile guitar than the originals.

I've been interested in getting one of these for a while now. Cool guitar, and I think Doug knows his stuff when it comes to the sound, and Ralph is a respected builder. They're very affordable too.

Ralph is a real nice guy and I have no doubt he makes fine quality guitars. I would love to own (and learn to play) one of his resonators.

I first heard of him when he was playing dobro for his daughter Heather Luttrell (ATL based singer/songwriter - she's a whole 'nother thread!) when she opened for Delbert McClinton at The Variety Playhouse (in ATL) some time back. I suppose it might be hard for some parents to work with their kids, but they had this musical chemistry that just kept us glued to the stage. He is one honkin' dobro player.