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Ralph Luttrell is a great luthier and a wonderful guy he has worked on several of my guitars and his work is hands down excellent!!!! He really got my old Gibson j50 back playing well.If you need someone that know guitars he's the man! John Alder, 9/2017

Probably the best Luthier in Atlanta if not the South in general! daledrive44, 2015

As a professional Atlanta musician, a relationship with a luthier & repair shop with experience, reliability & intricate knowledge of fretted instruments is crucial.
That Ralph Luttrell, owner of Luttrell Guitars, is also a musician; gives him an understanding that is invaluable. Paul Vogler, 2015


Great service.  Mr. Luttrell fixed a problem with my Martin HD 28 that my wife bought me as a surprise Christmas present many years ago. His prices were very reasonable and I could tell when I dropped my guitars off that I was leaving with a craftsman. He also set up all 3 of my guitars and they all sound great. John R., Kennesaw, GA, 12/29/2016

Ralph rebuilt my completely demolished 1941 Gibson J35. Very few people in Atlanta would have even taken on the chore at any price but I can tell you that he did a wonderful job and it plays like a dream. Also, he builds a mighty nice resonator guitar. Check 'em out! steve a., McDonough, GA, 2/7/2016

This gentleman did an awesome small repair job and service on my bass guitar.  Little light on conversation but a man of his word and good quick service. Barry M., Marina del Rey, CA, 5/17/2016


I had purchased a used Tacoma acoustic from someone on Cragslist only to realize later that there was a slight, but annoyoing string buzz on the B and E strings if I played above the 11th fret.  It sounded fine in the lower frets even though the action was not what I prefer.. Since I had not paid that much for the guitar, I was just living with it.

But one day I decided to bring it to Ralph. I am not sure what he did, but I got it back and I was simply AMAZED. Every fret was perfect. The action was lowered to just how I like it and the guitar sounded so great that it has become one of my favorites! Magic.

After this encounter, I had the good fortune of seeing Ralph and his daughter, the incredible Heather Luttrell perform at Steve's Live Music in Sandy Springs. If you have not seen them, you are missing out. They really put on a show! Steven S. 11/11/2014 

"I like to think of him as the Yoda of guitars."

I can see that Ralph does not come across as the most cuddly luthier, but the man has skills. He was re-building a turn of the century Martin when I dropped by for a pickup swap for Fender Strat, just not the kinda of work I have time and eyes for anymore.

$35 and a day later it was good to go. And I pickup swap is about the least complicated thing I'd ask him to do. His wheel-house is custom, hand-built acoustics  at $2500 a pop. Jeff T. 6/25/2013

Ralph makes his own Acoustic guitars! An absolutely dedicated and helpful business! Erin M. 3/5/2012

Best luther I have ever had the pleasure to do business with!

Best guitar repair in Atlanta. I should know. Have used many times for our band over the years and we always return to Ralph. Excellent prices, excellent quality; completely trustworthy. Also a performer! Maybe that's why? Victoria P. 1/21/2014

Had a 1990 Les Paul Studio refretted. Plays great. I can say that the fret board itself is in better condition than when I took it in. I noticed that even the little nicks and scratches the luthier at the big chain left me with were fixed. David M.,  Atlanta, GA 8/22/2015


After going to half the guitar stores in town and being incredibly frustrated looking for anyone who actually knew anything about dobros, I found Ralph. Finally, after weeks of dealing with pretenders and fast talking sales people, I found the guy I was looking for...somebody who actually knew what he was talking about!

I never knew about Ralph before, but over the past few weeks, I have been to his shop in Roswell several times and watched him working on different guitars. He was very meticulous and careful even in handling my old, cheap, wannabee hack job of a dobro. Not only that, he told me more about my instrument in 30 minutes than I had learned in the 2 years I had owned it.

I've been playing a banjo for nearly 20 years, dealt with a number of luthiers and instrument builders, and I think I know a craftsman when I see one. Ralph's a craftsman. If you want a toys-r-us approach to buying a dobro or getting your guitar repaired, go to Guitar Center or your corner music shop. But if you want to actually learn about your instrument, and get educated so you can make the best choice, go to Luttrell's shop. And if you want to hear a dobro that really pops, listen to one of his custom built jobs like the one in the video.

I just met him a few weeks ago. He doesn't owe me any money, and I'm not investing in his business. So I have no ulterior motive in posting this review. Having said that... my next dobro will be one of his custom made units. That is - if I ever learn how to translate banjo picking to playing slide on the one I just bought from him!! Might take a while.

By the way - he screwed up on one major thing...he didn't charge me enough money for the work he did to my old dobro as well as the upgrades to my new one. That's my biggest complaint.

Shape up Ralph! You'll never get rich like that!

This video does not even do his guitars justice! These guitars are cannons....Listen to Ralph as he walks you through some of the process behind one of his instruments...amazing guitars for musicians who appreciate the best quality and tone...

Very nice sounding guitar. Looks like a lot of love goes into those.

Ralph Luttrell's ... is a guitar builder in Alanta Ga. MAKES A GREAT RESONATOR GUITAR!

...craftsmanship and woods are so beautiful. also Ralph is SUPER GUY .if you are wanting a resonator guitar .HES THE MAN TO SEE.

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A fine builder of fine hand crafted resonator guitars. Ralph Luttrell hand selects and mills his own tonewoods and hand builds each instrument. His designs incorporate the entire guitar body as the sound well. The neck and body are an integral part of the tone. This makes the selection of tonewoods very important in his designs compared to most resonator designs. Luttrell's elegant design also produces an instrument with the volume and punch normally associated with metal body resonators yet possesses the warmth and character of the worlds best all wood designs.

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I'd suggest Luttrell Guitars, his refrets are very good, martin repair guy. Talk to Ralph, mention talkovich.

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Ralph Lutrell has both built guitars for and with, as well as repaired guitars for, a good friend who is an exceptionally good player and who recommends him highly. My impression, having read about him numerous times over the years from a number of different sources, is that he would meet your needs really well. Plus, he seems like a really good guy to know. If i were in the area, he would be someone I would suss out.


Amazing quality work with studio sound! Best to call ahead for appointment so you get the one on one time you want. Ralph will even arrange to come in on Sunday if you need.Luttrell Guitars has been around forever and has one of the best reputations in town!