About Luttrell Guitars

We Consider Building Guitars A Passion

A guitar aficionado? Interested in the custom manufacturing process? Contact us.

Luthier Ralph Luttrell of Luttrell Guitars in Roswell, GA

We use time tested techniques of Old World Craftsmanship paired with Modern Technology to offer options you cannot buy off the shelf.

Luttrell Guitars fabricates custom, handcrafted guitars made from extremely high quality wood, which provides a pristine sound and at the same time a unique instrument for the player.

Luttrell Guitars creates custom & high quality Koa square neck resonator guitars and Gambler Series, utilizing hand picked fine woods such as maple, rosewood and spruce.

Owner, luthier and musician, Ralph Luttrell, has been building extremely high quality custom resonator guitars for numerous years for those guitar enthusiasts possessing an appreciation for quality of sound and design.

Luttrell Guitars creates dreams, customized, personalized, unique, one build at a time.


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